Jugal-5, Baramchi project is completed

The speed of project completion shows how our crew is becoming more and more routine.
With your efforts and the support of Geberit International AG, our crew has built clean toilets, showers and washing facilities for 250 students.
Our sanitation crew returned to Kathmandu yesterday, in time for the next interview appointment on May 29 at the Swiss Embassy.
We have again completed all our submissions to the Embassy and received additional local support in the form of a letter from Nicole Thakuri (NAG). So, we think and are confident that it will work this time.
At this point, as always, many thanks to all donors and to Geberit International AG. It is only thanks to you that we can make the impossible possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and our main sponsor, Geberit AG.