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In 1965, photographer Jerry Schatzberg, who had already made a name for himself through his fashion and portrait photography for various publications such as Vogue, Esquire and Life, heard Bob Dylan for the first time. He had been hearing about the singer for nearly three years; two friends were particularly persistent, asking him every time they spoke if he had heard the music. Finally, he listened and immediately understood why Dylan inspired such passionate enthusiasm. Shortly thereafter, Schatzberg was photographing a job in his studio and had some fortuitous company. Famed music journalist Al Aronowitz and disc jockey Scott Ross were talking about Dylan and a performance they had recently seen. As he half-listened to their conversation, he explained that he would love to photograph the singer if he had the opportunity. Dylan’s new wife (one of the aforementioned girlfriends) called him the next day and invited him to the studio where he was recording “Highway 61 Revisited.” Excited and curious, Schatzberg headed to the studio the very next day, exactly six days after the breakthrough performance at the Newport Folk Festival, where Dylan went electric and was collectively booed….


ACC Art Books, ISBN9781851498932, hardcover, 262 pages, 57 color and 144 black and white photos in book.