Sex Pistols

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The last performance. December 25, 1977

God bless the Sex Pistols. Christmas 1977, a day to spend with your family and loved ones, unless you had decided to spend it with the Sex Pistols. The punk band, the focus of the tabloid press and banned from almost every pub in the country, had signed up at a small club in Huddersfield for a benefit performance in favor of the striking firefighters of West Yorkshire. That night, the band took the stage to give their last concert in the UK. Photographer Kevin Cummins was on hand to capture the chaos. He was no stranger to the Sex Pistols, having attended the gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester just 18 months earlier. Kevin drew the ire of his own family when he passed up Christmas to travel across the Pennines to document the event. Every picture Kevin shot is here for the first time in this book of more than 150 color and black-and-white photos capturing Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones and Paul Cook as they performed together for the last time in their homeland. Just a few weeks later, the Pistols disbanded, and a year later Sid was dead. “You’ve heard the Queen’s speech. Now you’re getting the Sex Pistols for Christmas. Have fun.” – Johnny Rotten


ACC Art Books, ISBN9781788840613, hardcover, 176 pages, 15 color and 77 black and white photos in book.