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The 1960s saw a great cultural revolution. Music was at the center of a new generation’s call for love, peace and harmony – from small clubs to huge festivals like Woodstock. While men predictably dominated as musicians and performers, women and girls backstage began to explore their own forms of liberation and self-expression. They became known as groupies, loyal to the music and the artists who made it. On February 15, 1969, Rolling Stone magazine published a special issue titled “THE GROUPIES and Other Girls,” featuring the work of chief photographer Baron Wolman. It was to prove a sensational milestone, making the women pictured instant celebrities. With this one issue, the groupies had arrived. They turned out to be extraordinary women whose lifestyles divided opinion and remain controversial to this day. Some became models, actresses, writers, artists and musicians – the GTOs, the original “groupie band” admired and promoted by Frank Zappa, is featured here. Others fell into obscurity. Now, over 45 years later, ACC and Iconic Images are proud to publish Baron Wolman’s photographs in a single volume. Groupies and Other Electric Ladies contains more than 150 images, including previously unpublished photographs and contact sheets, as well as the original text from Rolling Stone and interviews with some of the women of today.


ACC Art Books, ISBN9781851498413, softcover, 192 pages, 200 black and white photos in book.