Terry Oneill Every Pict Tells

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From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, Terry O’Neill quickly became the photographer of the 1960s. Because he had an eye – and an ear – for music and musicians, he instinctively knew which bands to focus on. And they, in turn, trusted him. “I remember sitting in a pub with the Beatles and the Stones. We’d just hang out and talk about what we were going to do next when this was all over. By that we meant the fame of being the ‘new kids on the block’. Usually that kind of fame doesn’t last. Little did we know that 60 years later we would still be at it.
Music led O’Neill to Hollywood, and working with stars led not only to memorable moments but also to long-lasting friendships. He traveled with Frank Sinatra. Took Raquel Welch to the beach. Went into the ring with Ali. Put The Who in a cage. O’Neill captured many of the most memorable faces on the front lines of fame, and his photographs exude his trademark serene simplicity, intimate behind-the-scenes moments and the rare quality of trust between photographer and subject. The list of people Terry O’Neill has worked with over the past 60 years is a who’s who of celebrities, from film to music, sports to politics.

ACC Art Books, ISBN9781851498338, hardcover, 192 pages, 78 color and 447 black and white photos in book.