Update on the Jagal-5 project and the visa issue

We are pleased to see how routinely and quickly our crew is carrying out these projects. From the looks of it and according to our plumbing crew, they will be finished by the end of this week.

Many of our newsletter readers have expressed their frustration and disappointment at the Swiss embassy’s rejection of their visa application. But there is still hope: we have submitted a new application and hope that Switzerland will give Karna and Nabin the opportunity to travel to Switzerland! Besides getting to know Switzerland, the plan is to visit the Geberit company in Jona so that they can see how the material they process in Nepal, which is generously provided by Geberit, is made. But the main part will be to teach them in-depth working techniques that we cannot train in Nepal. This will include hot water supply, pressure boosting systems, water treatment systems and storage administration.

This training will help the two men to support their country more with what they have learned. It will also enable them to train and promote other young sanitary fitters in Nepal using the techniques they have learned. We very much hope that this time Switzerland will allow us to give people the chance to stay in their country and earn money to support their families. This wish would close the circle for us again, namely to “make the impossible possible”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and our main sponsor, Geberit AG.