Daphu Village project – completion and handover of the toilet building

… and the heroes’ return home.

This project took almost a month longer than planned. Cold, snow, illness and electricity problems caused our crew severe problems, but they overcame them all. The families of our crew finally have their beloved husband, father and son back, healthy and happy. Nicole Thakuri-Wick has built a school in the extremely remote Daphu Village and we have completed it with the necessary sanitary installations. We experience the importance of education every day. Making this possible in such a remote location is a significant sign that everyone who has donated here is committed to helping the less fortunate.

Once again, we have succeeded in living up to our slogan “Making the Impossible – Possible” thanks to all of you. Without you and the great support of Geberit AG, none of this would have been possible. It will be interesting to see where our next project will start or where Nicole plans to build the next school.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and our main sponsor, Geberit AG.