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Here you can find a list of our friends and partners

Rock'n'Pop Museum Gronau (DE)

L'Unique Foundation | Friends | Rock n Pop Museum Gronau

With its new exhibition concept, the rock’n’popmuseum is sure to create goose bump moments – it’s just like being at a live concert. Visitors of all ages will delve into a multimedia adventure of sounds, images and exhibits. Multimedia and interactive elements turn every visit into an unforgettable experience. A highlight already awaits the visitors at the museum entrance: Gronau’s most famous son, rock legend Udo Lindenberg, personally greets every visitor via multi-monitor animation. The museum shows selected exhibits from the L'Unique Foundation collection.

Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) Nepal

L'Unique Foundation | Friends | Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) Nepal

NAG, Home of New Hopes, is a street children's charity in Kathmandu, Nepal which educates over 450 children annually, 200 of whom live in the home. In an effort to provide a good education and a good home for the children of Nepal, NAG has become a haven for those who would otherwise never get a chance at a decent life. The L'Unique Foundation has been supporting the NAG with sanitary installations since 2019.

Unique Hotel Post ("Pöstli") ZERMATT

L'Unique Foundation | Friends | Hotel Post Zermatt

The innovative and trendy Unique Hotel Post in the heart of Zermatt focuses on quality, variety and casual lifestyle. Four different restaurants, five bars and clubs in the house. Each of them is unique and has been an insider tip for guests and locals alike for many years. The Pink Live Music Bar showcases an exclusive selection from the L'Unique Foundation collection.

John A. Douglas (US)

L'Unique Foundation | Friends | John A. Douglas

The name John Douglas may not be familiar, but his work, featured on drums, guitars, album covers and concert stages, has been seen by literally hundreds of thousands of music fans. And his rock & roll portraits on canvas are in private collections and on display in Hard Rock Cafes, Hotels and Casinos all over the world. For the L'Unique Foundation, John provided several paintings for our Rock Wine Collection design.

Ringo Starr (GB/US)

L'Unique Foundation | Friends | Ringo Starr

For all his many creative successes, Ringo is and always will be first and foremost a musician, a drummer. Ringo’s candor, wit and soul are the lifeblood of his music. Peace and love are his life’s rhythm and melody, and he propels this universal message in everything he does: his evocative artwork, his enthused live performances, his legendary songs and wisdom of the music icon the world knows and loves simply as ‘Ringo.’ For the L'Unique Foundation, Ringo allowed the use (and adaptation) of one of his paintings as the logo for the foundation.