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Tè Solèy (Haiti)

Collaboration between Tè Solèy Foundation & L’Unique Foundation

Ziel der Té Soléy Stiftung ist es den Menschen in Haiti, profitableres- und nachhaltigeres Wissen zu vermitteln, dass Ihnen und dem Land dient

Our long-standing friendship and the shared idea of helping people in your country to achieve a secure income have brought us together with Mario Bollag's "Tè Solèy" foundation.
After many inspiring and constructive discussions and an extremely enriching time in Haiti in January 2024, we decided to merge our foundations. Our aim is to support each other and share our ideas and philosophy with the outside world.

After almost ten years of planning and construction, the Te Soley Research and Education Centre was completed in mid-February. Originally conceived as a school project, studies following Haiti’s economic and social collapse revealed new insights. This gave rise to the idea of creating a centre of excellence that would enable teenagers and young adults in particular to deepen their knowledge and skills.

With the aim of providing the people of Haiti with more profitable and sustainable knowledge that would benefit them and the country, a centre has been created that teaches more modern and efficient techniques and knowledge in the following areas:

Agriculture and nutrition
Computers and digitalisation
Social skills and language (English)
Craft skills (e.g. plumbing and solar technology)

The construction of the buildings and utility facilities was adapted to these requirements and is divided as follows:

4 buildings with a total of 8 classrooms for 12 people each

1 residential building for the director and foreign teachers of the competence centre

1 residential building with a total of 6 bedrooms and a kitchen

1 building with staff room and bathroom, library, meeting room for up to 80 people and a large covered area for conferences

1 toilet building for students

1 workshop building

Tropical gardens, vegetable gardens and an agricultural research garden


You can transfer your donations for the Tè Solèy Foundation to the L’Unique Foundation with the note “Tè Solèy” or here via PayPal or credit card, and we will send you the donation confirmation.

We are convinced that these joint synergies will benefit both foundations and will also help to “make the impossible possible”.