New projects in Illam, Nepal

We are happy to inform you that this week we have started a new project in Nepal. We have been committed to this project for some time and had planned it for after the return of Karna and Nabin and before the upcoming large construction and sanitation project in Daphu.

For your information: this summer we wanted to bring our two Nepalese employees Karna Bahadur Sunuwar and Nabin Kumar Tamang – together with Geberit AG – to Switzerland for training purposes. Unfortunately, our visa application for these two employees was rejected by the Swiss Embassy. Together with the legal department of a renowned Swiss company, we tried to turn this decision into a positive one. However, since this appeal would have been delayed for a longer period of time, we decided to keep our team for upcoming projects in Nepal.
We do not want to explain the reasons for the rejection here. However, we find it very shameful to accept such a decision from a country that claims to be hospitable to the outside world. Next year we will try again to contact the Swiss Embassy in Nepal and hope to get a confirmation. Karna and Nabin were also very disappointed, but they have new challenges with the new project in Illam.

Last Tuesday, our crew left for Illam (600 km from Kathmandu) with two small trucks, hoping to arrive there in less than a day. However, this hope was quickly dashed by heavy rains and correspondingly poor road conditions, ultimately resulting in a 3-day trip.
However, our crew arrived there full of energy together with the necessary sanitary material and has already started with the first of two sanitary projects in Illam. We are building sanitary facilities for two schools in Illam, one with 200 students and the second with 500 students. We will be happy to inform you about the further progress of the work in the coming weeks and would like to thank you very much for your trust and support in our foundation!

Thank you to Geberit AG who sponsored an important amount of material to support this project.