Hardcover book “NIRVANA – Never Mind the Photos”

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Nevermind by Nirvana; Nirvana’s breakthrough 1991 record cemented the band’s legacy into legend. The image of the baby floating towards a dollar bill on a fish-hook is instantly recognisable as iconic. Now – for the first time in book form – the photographer behind the lens shares his memories from that day, along with his nearly 140 outtakes, including promo shots of the band. Weddle went to work and over the course of a few days produced not only the album’s iconic cover, but also a series of images of the band that were not used at the time. They are all reproduced in the book.

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ACC Art Books, ISBN9781788841412, Hardback, 192 Pages, 150 color and black & white photos throughout. Many unseen.


Available on backorder