Assuring Sustainability

While the project at Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) Kathmandu is moving forward, teaching plumbing skills to our “students” and quality control of  our previous work gain more weight. 
In addition to the training works our care team in Nepal has also startet giving classes about water hygiene to the NAG students in order to raise awareness about the consequences of insufficient or even lack of maintenance works of the sanitary installations.
An other aspect of the teams work is the quality control of our previous works at NAG in order to assure durability. Unfortunately we were confronted with an exceeding amount of dirt in the fresh water pipes which is due to the lack of filtering the groundwater that is pumped into the fresh water tanks as well as the above mentioned insufficient or lack of maintenance works.

Thank you to Geberit AG who sponsored an important amount of material to support this project.