Donation appeal Daphu village project

In Daphu, Nepal – a small village in the Himalayas without road access (horses being their only mode of transportation) and only electricity for two hours a day – the 115 students of the Kanjirowa Basic School are facing challenging conditions due the the lack of sufficient toilet facilities.

They are compelled to relieve themselves in open areas, such as fields or behind the school. This not only compromises their dignity but also exposes them to numerous health risks, especially the girls who face additional challenges in maintaining their privacy and safety. Together with NAG (Nawa Asha Griha – Home for Street Children), who is already providing teachers for the village, we plan to built sanitary installations for the school.

The L’Unique Foundation still needs CHF 6’000.- for the village to build a sanitary building in which we will be able to build the necessary sanitary installations. Please help us support those children for a better future in their village by donating here for the cause – every amount makes a difference.