The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk

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Electric, outrageous, erotic, rebellious – rock concert posters are the visual equivalent of the music they advertise. The Art of Rock traces the history of this energising art form from the bold letterpress posters advertising Elvis’s early shows, through the multi-coloured fantasies of the psychedelic era, to the avant-garde collages of new wave and punk. More than 1,500 posters and other graphics – tickets, backstage passes, buttons, handbills – are presented in their original blazing colour (or their stark black and white, as the case may be). The text features dozens of exclusive interviews with musicians, concert promoters, and the poster artists themselves, including legends like Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, or Wes Wilson – who also designed the cover of this book. A visual journey through 30 years of rock and roll, as well as a valuable reference, The Art of Rock is an essential volume for every music lover (and art lover).


Abbeville Press, ISBN9780789212504, hardcover, 516 pages, 1500 illustrations in book. Many unseen.