Daphu Village project – a nightmare so far

Our local sanitation team has to deal with a lot of obstacles and whenever I am in contact with them, they talk about a nightmare.


The generator we brought with us had an irreparable defect after the first day. The replacement generator, which was delivered after 1½ days, broke down after just two hours – so the only thing left to do was plan B: to complete the PE welding work when the site gets regular power from the district, which is after 7 p.m.!


So our team has been working day and night shifts for the last three days, which is very exhausting in the cold! But today I finally received some positive news from our team leader Karna Sunuwar: The PE welding work has been completed and the foundation for the toilet building has been finished.


This positive news made me very happy myself, as I have been keeping the boys afloat with positive input over the last few days. It’s great, good old-fashioned craftsmanship that our crew is doing here and I have a lot of respect for them.


Today, after three days, they finally have a normal night again and of course we agreed to their request for a “Billy Goat dinner”.


Here are a few impressions of the past work, some of which looks like landing on the moon or climbing the Everest.

Thank you to Geberit AG who sponsored an important amount of material to support this project.