New project in Daphu, Nepal

In August 2023, we launched an appeal for donations for the Daphu project. Thanks to your generous donations, our crew was able to set off on a very difficult and costly project last Sunday.

Daphu Village is located in the Himalayas and is very difficult to reach due to the earthquake on November 22, 2023. Due to the collapse of a bridge, all the sanitary material – including machines and tools – had to be carried over a suspension bridge to the other side of the valley and loaded onto new trucks there. The last part to the village can only be reached with porters and mules, which, together with the cold at this time of year, makes it a very difficult journey. On Friday, after a five-day journey, our team arrived in Daphu with all the materials.

At the same time, our team leader Khemraj Purri, together with a team from NAG, brought relief material to the villages in the earthquake area. Due to the fear of aftershocks, the majority of the population (and our team) spend the night outdoors in very cold temperatures and are therefore very grateful for warm blankets and sleeping bags.

Here are some impressions of where we are “making the impossible possible” so that the schoolchildren in Daphu also have decent sanitary facilities.

Thank you to Geberit AG who sponsored an important amount of material to support this project.